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Jonathan Doran

Also known as JODOR

Who is JODOR..?

In view of what he has accomplished until now, he can describe himself as a very determined person, someone who likes to analyze things, and is very motivated about anything he decides to go for. He likes to focus on details, he’s helpful, and he loves the culinary world, nature, photography, politics, and the business world. He likes to increase his knowledge in different fields, and to stay up to date with everything modern.

JODOR loves cooking, and the culinary world as a whole. Growing up in a family where his mother, Miss Tyrol, used to make cakes, snacks and more. Jonathan loved to experiment with ingredients on his own, as he used to help her out a lot. At school, he had the opportunity to take part in different areas of HORECA which contributed immensely to his passion for cooking.

After completing his studies at Maria Immaculata Lyceum, he decided to go to Europe, where he finished a course in Business Administration. He also followed different courses in the range of Cooking & Baking Arts during his time in Europe. Along with everything else he did, he received his ‘Master Certificate of Knights-bridge PME’ at the ‘School of Cake Decorating & Confectionery Arts’. As his interests grew, he followed courses in the areas of drawing and making handmade sugar flowers.

“After spending a long period in Europe, I decided to return to the place where I was born, Curaçao. That way, I can put my knowledge into practice and do my part on behalf of the Curaçao economy. ” He did everything that he wanted to do in Europe. He was successful, and even beyond that. This motivated him and gave him a feeling of satisfaction, the moment he decided to return to Curaçao.

His goal and plan for the future would be to work on his knowledge in the area of foodservice and, of course the culinary arts. Jonathan is really thankful to God for all the opportunities that he has had until now. He wants to put himself out there to help those in need, to help them in their daily lives. “Sometimes, little things may be a solution or an option to someone.”

‘’I believe that it’s important to take the time and think about what your passion is, and what really makes you happy.” He thinks that when you do something, you have to do it with love and dedication. “Always keep analyzing what you can do better, and surpassing your own expectations.” Ask yourself where you want to be, and what you want to be. “Don’t be happy with something mediocre, but fight to be excellent.” Jonathan wants you to know that it doesn’t matter how many disappointments you have had to go through while working towards your dream. Keep in mind that your dream is possible, and believe in yourself. “Stop complaining, and don’t hold on to fear of making mistakes, or not heaving the result that you expected. Start doing something, something of your own. Take the time to get to know YOU. Start differentiating yourself from others, and take the first step towards your dream. Don’t allow anyone, or any situation, to steal your dream. Bai p’é! Go for it!”

By Jade Mambre